About Leaves of Grace

Leaves of Grace is simply a collection of brief essays in which I air my thoughts about all kinds of things, mostly the kinds of things that are on my mind but aren’t very good fodder for a conversation. These posts aren’t intended to be didactic, but perhaps they will give you a glimpse of the world through my eyes, much as Scout Finch caught a glimpse of her neighborhood through Boo Radley’s eyes when she stood on his front porch.

Some of the posts date back to 2002, when they appeared on the Eastgate Ministries website (Thank you, Tim and Sherri Sawtelle!) To peruse the essays for a particular year, just select that year in the Categories drop-down menu.

I’m a writer, and my observations on writing and the writing life are under the Words menu option. They’re also listed in the yearly categories in which they were written.

Grace to you!



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